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Don Quijote - click for larger image
click for larger image
Don Quijote - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Don Quijote
Article no. 9977017
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Stage performances
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Text language German {de}
Country of publication Germany (de)
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Year of publication 2007
Composer Scholz, Thomas
Duration 1:12:10
Additional info/contents Don Quixote was written for children's choir, soloists, performers, dancers and band/orchestra.
The choir and the roles of soloists and actors are suitable for undergraduates/primary school. The instrumental and orchestral parts are well playable by a high school orchestra with either a choral or soloist cast (minimum 10 musicians). There are many small acting roles as well as rappers and dancers who are to perform the instrumental pieces. A percussion group can also be integrated (scenically), as some pieces have notated notes for additional percussion players.
The duration of the musical is about 90 minutes.

Upper school orchestra or soloist instrumentation (min. 10 players).
Strings: violin 1, violin 2, cello, (= choir or soloist), double bass
Winds: transverse flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, alto saxophone (min. 2 players, 4 and more players also possible), optional 3 brass instruments for stage music (No 10)
Band: electric piano, keyboards, (min. 2 players, use of GM midi sounds), electric bass alternating with double bass, I/O guitar (2 players also possible), drum set and percussion (ad lib. several players, which can also be used scenically)
Ad libitum: Tuba, timpani (replaceable by keyboard) Accordion (replaceable by keyboard)

Alternative - minimal instrumentation (10 musicians):
Violin1 Violin 2 Cello 1st wind section (soprano saxophone, clarinet, alto saxophone) 2nd wind section (tenor saxophone, flute, alto saxophone) Electric piano (various piano-like synth sounds, timpani, accordion) Keyboard (harpsichord, piano and synth sounds) I/O guitar Electric bass/contrabass (if possible) Drumset (possibly additional percussion)

Choir: Unanimous lower school choir. Choir members act simultaneously in speaking roles as actors and extras.
Soloists: Don Quixote, Sancho, Dulcinea, Carmen, Senseo, Castellan, Guest 1, Guest 2
Actors: Many different sized speaking roles, extras
Dancers: Ad libitum smaller groups to perform the instrumental pieces

Overview of the different performance variants:
=> The instrumental and orchestral parts are easy to play with either choir or soloists (at least 10 musicians).
=> A percussion group can be integrated (scenically), since in some pieces notes for additional percussion players are notated.
=> With the Playalong-CD to the musical the whole orchestra can be replaced and the musical can be performed by a children's choir only.
=> Instrumental parts can be combined with the Playalong-CD.
=> Also a concert performance of the musical songs is possible either with orchestra, with the Playalong-CD or with piano accompaniment.
Sample sheet music Sample sheet music click here
Available yes yes
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Don Quijote - click here Don Quijote (concert/wind band)
Dion Quijote - click here Dion Quijote, audio CD

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